Gallery 3 Groundless

These paintings are part of a larger series called Groundlessness. In the fall of 2016, we had heavy storms and many large trees fell in Golden Gate Park where I walk every day. Their roots seemed so insignificant to the task of supporting the magnificent redwood trees.

The storms coincided with our election that left me with a deep feeling of instability, panic and sadness. I started to explore the idea of ground in relation to the fallen trees and my feelings about loosing stability. These words emerged: slipping soil, shallow roots, loss of a ground note and a collective fear of the unknown.

What does it mean when there is no solid ground to rely on? And since things are always changing, is there really lasting ground? Is there anything to learn from this current state of vulnerability?

Could I be more comfortable with uncertainty (even in this deeply troubled time in our country)? And could less fear help me to act on my beliefs?

Both of these pieces are heavily textured and have many layers of transparent paint.